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Tap into the power of AI so that you can 10x your content production and BE SEEN on social!

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Research has shown that those who are tapping into the power of AI are TEN TIMES more productive! For us online marketers, coming up with post ideas, captions, hashtags, copy for lead magnets...the list goes on and a HUGE struggle and time suck. But not anymore! With the AI Advantage, you will be armed with how to use chatGPT to produce your entire content plan in minutes, down to the posts being written for you and a full schedule put in place.

Includes 120 minutes of video tutorials plus a 38 page ebook. Let's dive in!

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Kimberly Olson
Kimberly Olson

Dr. Kimberly Olson is a self-made multimillionaire and the creator of Goal Digger Girl Co, where she serves female entrepreneurs by teaching them simple systems and online strategies in sales and marketing.

Most recently, she received the honor of being chosen as the ‘Top Business Innovative of the Year’ by the International Association of Top Professionals. Kimberly has been featured on the cover of Success Pitchers Magazine as a ‘Self Made Social Media Mogul,’ as well as ‘Top 10 Most Ambitious Women in Business to Follow.’ She is a TEDx speaker and her recent speech was listed as one of the ‘10 Top TEDx Talks that You Don’t Want to Miss.’

Kimberly is also the founder of the non-profit, Elephant Sisters and has two PhDs in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition. She is the author of seven books including several #1 international best-sellers, has a top 25 rated podcast in marketing with over 700,000 downloads and has reached the top half percent globally in network marketing. Most recently she has shared the stage with Rachel Hollis, Erin King, Keri Ford and Jessica Higdon.

She is a busy mom of two and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, Scott. Her favorite thing about being a mompreneur is being able to take care of her family while building an empire. And of course, she also loves teaching others how to follow their dreams, crush their goals and create the life they’ve always wanted.

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